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New Roof Donations

We can now accept payments online through Paypal! Go to our website,, and you will find a yellow Donate button that will allow you to make a donation to the roof fund using your checking account or credit card! If you have your own Paypal account you can transfer funds using our phone number, email or name too. Give it a try! It is fast, easy and convenient! Contact the Parish office with any questions.


“Raise the Roof Challenge”

We’ve been presented with a challenge from a fellow parishioner. This parishioner is willing to donate $5000 towards the roof but would like to see 10 other individuals or groups of individuals (siblings, friends, neighbors, etc) do the same thing. Are you up for the challenge? The deadline for this is June 30th. Let’s make this happen!

Corporate Matching

Corporate matching gifts are a great way to maximize personal contributions to campaigns and increase the impact of your gift. By taking advantage of a company's matching gift benefit, you may be able to double or even triple the amount of a contribution. Check with your HR department to find out if your company has a donation matching program. We would appreciate it!

Checking our Progress

In the back of church we have put up a “Raise the Roof” thermometer to keep track of our progress towards our ultimate goal of raising $85,000. It will be updated regularly so we can all see how we are doing overall. There will be one here in the bulletin as well. Check this section regularly to see our progress.


Order Forms
2015-2016 Pasty Order Form
Fruit Sale Prices
Cheese Order Form
Great American Fundraising information - SEE link to the right


2016 Run/Walk - June 1, 2016

2016 Run/Walk - Printable Registration/Waiver Form (PDF)
2016 Run/Walk - Flier (PDF)



Scrip Order Form (click to view PDF and print)




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