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Contact info:
(608) 930-3392 Ext.6

Our Philosophy

"We believe all children need a warm, safe, and secure atmosphere where each child is able to mature and develop a positive self image."

We provide an environment with a wide variety of new and stimulating experiences in which the child's involvement reinforces self-confidence, creativity, and independence.

We believe individual growth is a shared expereince. Children learn from us; we learn from them. Through this interaction each child has the potential to grow and develop.

Through play and directed activities, the child can explore problems, which encourage imagination and a love of life but also offer choices that promote respect for one another. We intend to make the time spent at Daycare at St. Joe's to be a positive experience in the life of every child.


I'd like to take this opportunity to say "Hello" and tell you a little about myself. Before I became an employee of Daycare at St. Joe's in March of 1998, I had been living and working in Platteville. At that time I came back to this area because I wanted to raise my son closer my family and his grandparents. I have always enjoyed children and spent a lot of my teen years baby-sitting for family, friends, and people from town as well as my older brothers' families.

I have greatly enjoyed the time that I have worked as an employee at Daycare at St. Joe's and was extremely excited when the directorship opened up on November 1, 1999 and I was offered the position. I love the job and look forward to providing your child or children a happy, caring, enjoyable and safe atmosphere.

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